Hobbies to Entertain and Work the Brain

As a young woman in just in my early 20s, I don’t have any hobbies. Some people call blogging a hobby, but I however want something along the lines of outdoors, relaxing and that exercises my brain. I am sure a lot of you feel this way. I have been googling tons of different hobbies trying to find one that I think would suit me. I thought about tying flies for fly fishing, so I researched and it looks like it could get expensive. That’s another thing… why does everything have to  be so dang expensive? If you are looking for some cheap, relaxing, fun, brain training hobbies maybe these few can help you out! As for me, I’ll still be on the lookout.


Hunting- Hunting demands a great deal of patience, but is also very relaxing and keeps you sharp.

Fishing- A lot of people enjoy fishing. Maybe you would too!

Hiking- If you are looking for a hobby outside, to meet people, challenge your body and to see some beautiful things, hiking might be for you!

Math and Puzzle Games- I may be considered a nerd for this one but if you love to really push your brain to the max thinking ability, here ya go!

Photographing Mother Nature- I think I might get into this one myself actually now that I think about it. Photographing nature can be so rewarding and a beautiful experience all in one! What’s not to love there??

Let me know in the comments what you guys think about these or if any of you already have one or a few as your hobby/hobbies. Also just for fun, shoot me some of what you women do even if it isn’t on this list.




Life and its cozy comfort zones

Hello! This is my very first blog posting! I am a bit nervous to see how people are going to take to it, but I am trying to confident in myself that at least someone will read it! Do any of you young women lack self confidence just like me? whether it be in the way you look or if you are able to do certain things that are out of your comfort zone? I struggle with this every single day! However, I want to change how comfy I am in my cozy and VERY tiny comfort zone.

Today I did a thing. I applied to a pretty big job. I just recently graduated college this past may with my Associates degree in Forestry. I am struggling to find a job opening in my field. It is very frustrating, as I am sure a lot of you girls know! So I applied but not with a lot of confidence. I believe that if it is meant to be, then it’ll be! Do any of you think this way??

I hope that I help some of you that are stressed out with job searching as hard core as I am, realize that you are not alone!

Pick your pumpkin (brain) about how you could better go about the stress and how you could step or even jump out of your own cozy comfort zone!

My best! -Abby